How will my insurance be billed?

If AeroCare is has your insurance information we will bill your insurance accordingly.

Rental Equipment: Most equipment set up for in home use is a rental, this can be verified on your delivery ticket. Insurance companies rent equipment monthly to ensure the equipment is effective to your needs and that you are compliant with its use. Depending on your coverage and benefits, you may be responsible for any deductible and/or coinsurance applied to the monthly rental fee. 

Purchased Items: Other billable items we provide are considered one time purchases. These include but are not limited to; walkers, crutches, PAP masks, tubing, etc. Your insurance company will be billed for the item(s). Depending on your coverage and benefits, you may be responsible for any deductible and/or coinsurance applied to the item.

What are the estimated rental periods?

If your insurance chooses to rent your equipment,  after the rental period is satisfied, with the exception of lifetime rentals, you will own the equipment. 

Below is a list of average rental periods for the most common equipment AeroCare provides, specific insurance plan rental periods may vary. 

-CPAP/BiPAP Equipment: 10 to 13 months 

-DME (Beds, Wheelchairs): 10 to 13 months 

-Oxygen Equipment: Lifetime 

-Ventilator Equipment: Lifetime

What are the available payment methods?

Your payment method will be set up prior to receiving your order. Financial responsibility provided at set up is only an estimate based on a verification of your insurance coverage and benefits. Occasionally, there may be additional responsibility if you have a deductible applied, change insurance companies or the coverage changes in your current policy. You will be notified of your financial responsibility after your insurance processes your claim(s). At which time, you will be invoiced for additional amounts. 

AeroCare offers the following convenient payment methods: 

- Pay in Full: Does Not Require a Credit Card on File. Pay the full estimated patient responsibility at the time the item(s) are ordered. For rentals, we will provide you with an estimate for your full rental period. If there are any amounts due outside of the estimate for example: deductible, changes in your insurance policy or allowable rates, you may be invoiced any additional amount(s) 

- Scheduled Payments: Requires a Credit Card on File: This method of payment is for a scheduled amount to be charged on a specific date, until the balance is satisfied.  This option works best for those on a budget. NOTE: You will not be invoiced and you may be charged before your insurance pays. 

- AutoPay: Requires a Credit Card on File: After your insurance payment is posted we will send you an invoice with a 15 day due date. Your notice will have a watermark across it indicating "autopay on." Payment will process on the due date of the invoice. If you are unable to have payment processed on the date listed, call the phone number on your invoice to set up other arrangements (must call 5 days before payment is due).   NOTE: This method of payment only charges your card what you owe after insurance has paid 

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